Legend of the Plaid Dragon

Several people are slaying... 🐲 ⚔ 💰

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Welcome to Legend of the Plaid Dragon.

Smoke emerges from the mountain. Something has awoken.

What's this all about?

Legend of the Plaid Dragon is a text-based role-playing game for Slack, based loosely on the BBS door game classic Legend of the Red Dragon. Players can develop a character, interact with other characters, pursue mysteries and, of course, slay beasts and level up so they can… slay even bigger monsters, and eventually defeat the Plaid Dragon, who terrorizes the mystical village.

I wrote more about “LotPD” on my blog.

This game is still very much in beta. Give me a holler about bugs you encounter - there are plenty of them still out there.

Updated: I have removed this app from the Slack App Directory and have taken it offline until further notice.


The permission scopes for this game are very narrowly drawn, and I don’t save anything that I don’t absolutely have to in order for the game to work. Specifically, I keep your team ID, Slack user ID and user name.

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